What are dietary supplements anyway?

As the name already suggests, nutritional supplements are products that supplement the regular diet. Whether in the form of tablets, powders, capsules and vitamin or mineral supplements. mineral supplements - dietary supplements are usually usually substances that are also found in the normal diet and in fresh foods, but which are by By far as concentrated.

In addition, nutritional supplements also contain herbal substances, in doses that could not be absorbed through the normal diet - for example Beta-Ecdysterone from leaf spinach. But also animal dietary supplements such as fish oil offer provide adequate access to highly concentrated nutrients that can beneficially supplement one's diet. diet. Since dietary supplements are free for sale, they can also be purchased in pharmacies. pharmacies. pharmacies, they can now also be bought in many supermarkets or online shops.

By law, however, such dietary supplements may not have the same effect as medicines. the would need a separate authorisation as a medicine. In the following, the reader will find some important information on the subject of food supplements. be pointed out.

For what purposes are there nutritional supplements in the first place?

Nutritional supplements are available for a wide variety of uses. Whether for building muscle, for fat loss as well as for weight loss, as a dietary product or as a supplier of vital substances - Food supplements usually contain a large number of different nutrients in a highly dosed form. form, which which, depending on the objective, can be added to the individual diet in a supportive manner.

In the area of muscle building, protein powders, verschiedene amino acids sowie creatine and weight gainers are popular supplements. The said supplements can support muscle growth during intensive training or can have a positive have a positive effect on a planned weight reduction. Popular diet products are for example fat burners or meal replacement shakes. In addition, there are supplements are also available in the form of vital supplements. and mineral supplements. To mention For example, the minerals magnesium, zinc or Calcium, which can be supplemented in addition to the normal diet.

Further, dietary supplements are also suitable for people with alternative dietary habits, such as such as vegans, who can be helped by not eating by not eating the vital substance vitamin B12, which would lead to a dangerous would be completely lacking, which could lead to a dangerous deficiency. Food supplements for vitamin B12 supply and supply the organism with the necessary vitamin B12 even if meat is not consumed. necessary vital substances. Other deficiencies or a potentially increased need for nutrients, which can be own lifestyle - for example, due to a great deal of sport - can be remedied by the intake of highly concentrated highly concentrated nutritional supplements.

The positive effects of dietary supplements

Nutritional supplements can be used to skilfully control and efficiently adapt. No matter for which areas of application: whether competitive sports, recreational sport, muscle building, weight reduction or compensation for vital and mineral deficiencies – Food supplements are an inexpensive and convenient way of possibility way, to integrate the necessary nutrients into one's own diet in a concentrated and often tasty way. own diet. A balanced diet with lots of protein and plenty of vital substances and minerals also has an extremely positive effect on your own health. also has an extremely positive effect on one's health. A diet that is as balanced as possible with lots of protein and plenty of vital nutrients and minerals also has an extremely positive effect on your health.

A large number of common diseases, which are caused, among other things, by persistent nutrient deficiencies (e.g. vitamin D deficiency) can be actively prevented. be actively prevented. Food supplements therefore have a positive effect on the body's own well-being as well as on the on the mood and ultimately also on health. With food supplements, the user can achieve his goals goals more efficiently and gives his body exactly the nutrients it needs to do so.