Multicomponent food supplements - their active ingredient combinations and function

The term multi-component is understood to mean food supplements that contain a large number of different active ingredients and therefore fulfill several functions simultaneously. The corresponding supplements are generally also available in individual form, but the use of multicomponent food supplements can save time , costs and effort during use.

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  • L-citrulline malate in the ideal 2: 1 ratio
  • Increases muscle performance
  • Stimulates NO synthesis
  • Increases blood flow (vasodilation)

• Amino acid powder from all 9 essential amino acids
• Ideal for endurance training
• inhibits muscle wasting & fatigue
• mimics a WHEY protein without containing any calories, sugar or fat
• 1-2 spoons daily*

• Nutritional supplement intended for men
• Ideal for muscle building
• inhibits muscle wasting & fatigue
• with vitamins, minerals & plant extracts
• 4 capsules daily*

• supports testosterone levels
• Stimulating effect on effectiveness
• Maximum strength
• Capsules, easy to use
• 1 serving daily *

Depending on the area of application, there are various types of supplements with a multi-component character . For example, multi-components in the field of protein powders are to be mentioned here, which combine a large number of different protein types or amino acids in a single product. In addition, there are supplements with the predicate multi-component food supplements, especially in the area of training boosters.

Corresponding products often consist of a combination of natural stimulants , short-chain carbohydrates and organic acids and amino acids . Furthermore, especially in the field of mineral and vital substance supplements, there are a multitude of high-quality multi- components that can be used as part of a holistic athlete's diet or to supplement the largest possible number of micronutrients . Multi-components are usually available in powder form and can be prepared with either water , fruit juice or milk .

There are also multicomponents in capsule or ready-to-drink form . Multi-components also occur in the area of muscle and tendon protection . There are special nutritional supplements that are beneficial for the regeneration of passive structures and intensive training at the same time. The use of multicomponents therefore offers a multitude of advantages compared to individual variations, which will be explained in more detail below.

Use multi-components for muscle building and weight loss

For muscle building , multi-components in the form of protein concentrates are the first choice. There are various products that combine several protein sources such as whey protein , casein and various amino acids in a single product, which is therefore ideal as a post-workout meal and can also be taken as a snack right before going to bed.

It contains quickly and slowly digestible protein sources that provide the body with a large number of high-quality proteins for muscle building over a long period of time. Another multi- component supplement for muscle building is pre-workout boosters , which usually contain a mixture of creatine , short-chain carbohydrates in the form of malt or glucose and natural stimulants in the form of caffeine , taurine and green tea extract .

In contrast, amino acids in combination with organic acids and fat burners are suitable for weight loss . Multi-components such as a combination of L-carnitine , BCAA s as well as green tea extract , cinnamon extract and glutamine are tried and tested agents.