Battery Burner, 120 caps

Battery Burner, 120 caps

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Content: 104 grams (CHF24.44 * / 100 grams)

• Preparation with chromium, carnitine, caffeine, tyrosine & ubiquinone-Q10
• supports burning of fat
• inhibits the feeling of hunger
• already contains carnitine
• 2 capsules daily *

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Battery Burner, 120 caps

Battery Burner is a powerful and hugely popular fat burner that uses maximum strength capsules for superior absorption and quick results. This sophisticated formula that delivers fast-acting fat burning compounds makes Battery Burner a great choice when it comes to weight loss products.

Extreme Thermo Cutting Formula!

Battery Burner is a "super complex" formula made up of 13 popular ingredients ! Battery Burner contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) from Garcinia cambogia extract and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) from green tea extract. Our formula also contains chromium, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal macronutrient metabolism *! The product also contains L-carnitine, which means you don't need to take it separately.

Recommendation: First take 1 capsule daily to ensure your tolerance. Gradually increase your dose up to a maximum of two capsules twice a day; in the morning on an empty stomach and 45 minutes before training. Look out for other sources of stimulants! Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for it.

* This information has been scientifically tested by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and approved by the European Commission (EC).


Ingredients: L-carnitine L-tartrate, Citrus aurantium (fruit) 10: 1 extract, Garcinia cambogia (fruit) 20: 1 extract, beef gelatin (100% beef gelatin), anhydrous caffeine, L-tyrosine, Camellia sinensis (leaf) 8: 1 extract, Momordica charantia (fruit) 15: 1 extract, alpha lipoic acid, Cinnamomum verum (bark) 8: 1 extract, coenzyme Q10, Taraxacum officinale (root) 16-19: 1 extract, anti-caking agent ( Magnesium) stearate), capsicum (fruit) 10: 1 extract, color (titanium dioxide), chromium picolinate.

WARNING: The product contains 139.3 mg of caffeine per serving and is therefore not recommended for children or pregnant women. Keep away from children! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for it.

Nutrition information from BATTERY BURNER

ingredients Dosage: 2 capsules EM%
Chromium 15.3 mcg 38
L-carnitine L-tartrate 333.3 mg
Citric acid extract (4% synephrine) 333.3 mg
Garcinia cambogia extract 266.7 mg
L-tyrosine 133.3 mg
Bitter melon extract 66.7 mg
Green tea extract 66.7 mg
Lipoic acid 33.3 mg
Cinnamon extract 33.3 mg
Coenzyme Q10 33.3 mg
Dandelion extract 33.3 mg
Cayenne pepper extract 13.3 mg
Caffeine (total) 139.3 mg
* EM%: Recommended daily amount.
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