Battery Gainer 4000g

Battery Gainer 4000g


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Content: 4000 grams (CHF1.75 * / 100 grams)

• Bulking supplement with carbohydrates, sugar, protein & creatine
• ideal for building up body mass with a fast metabolism
• quick recovery after exercise
• easily soluble powder
• 2-6 spoons daily *

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Battery Gainer 4000g

Battery Gainer is a recovery product that gives you everything you need for maximum weight gain, muscle building, energy storage and recovery!

It's made up of 76% carbohydrates and 16% whey protein. It's easy to blend and has quick absorption into your muscles. A must for gaining weight and muscle. Battery Gainer also contains creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine, L-leucine and fiber.

• For maximum weight gain.
• Significantly improves muscle regeneration.
• Additional creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine and L-leucine.
• Calorie intake has never been so easy and tasted so good.
• Low in lactose.

Battery Gainer is the ultimate product for you who want to both gain weight and increase your muscle mass . The supplement is also perfect for you who are very active in sports and who consume a lot of energy.

The combination of carbohydrates and protein in various forms of quick absorption allows you to get the most out of your workout. The carbohydrates have the task of quickly replenishing the energy stores in your muscles and radically preventing overtraining and muscle breakdown. The proteins consist of a large amount of the important BCAA amino acids , which stimulate the body's own secretion of growth hormones. Protein is the building block for building muscle mass.

Due to its composition, Battery Gainer is not only suitable for weight sports, but for all sports that require more weight, muscle mass and strength.


Ingredients: maltodextrin, dextrose, ultrafiltered whey protein concentrates (containing lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactalbumin and immunoglobulin protein fractions), waxy maize starch, cocoa powder (10-12%), flavor (chocolate), creatine monohydrate (acesulfame), sweetener (xanthan gum gum , Sucralose).

Nutrition information from BATTERY GAINER

ingredients Consumption amount: 100 g RM% **
energy 1604 kJ / 382 kcal 20%
fat 3.6 g 6%
hereof: saturated fatty acids 1 g 6%
carbohydrates 76 g 30%
of which sugars 30 g 72%
Protein 16 g 32%
Salt* 0.24 g 4%
Fibers 1.4 g -
Creatine monhydrate 1000 mg -
of which pure creatine 884 mg -

* The salt content is due to the natural occurrence of sodium.

** EM - reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).

Amino acid profile (% of which protein)
L-alanine 3%
L-arginine 3%
L-aspartic acid 7%
L-cysteine 2%
L-glutamine 26%
Glycine 2%
L-histidine *** 2%
L-isoleucine *** 5%
L-leucine *** 8th %
L-lysine *** 5%
L-methionine *** 2%
L-phenylalanine *** 4%
L-proline 9%
L-serine 5%
L-threonine *** 5%
L-tryptophan *** 1 %
L-tyrosine 3%
L-valine *** 5%
*** Essential amino acids
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