The build-up of lean muscle mass through Quality Gain products - what it's all about

The development of lean muscle mass is especially for bodybuilders the most important objective is. But for latitude and fitness enthusiast is on the development of quality mass in the foreground and is aimed accordingly. This is about building muscle mass without significantly increasing your own body fat content. Since muscle building can only take place in connection with training and a slight excess of calories , it is difficult for many athletes in this context not to add too much or too few calories for the desired goal.

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• Energy mix
• enriched with creatine & amino acids
• high protein content
• additionally contains vitamins & minerals
• 3-6 spoons daily *

The composition of the individual diet also plays an important role, particularly in terms of macronutrient technology . When building lean muscle mass, care must be taken to ensure that your own diet consists to a large extent of proteins and long-chain carbohydrates and ideally low fat (primarily unsaturated fatty acids ). In order to optimize digestive activity, additional B vitamins should be consumed in sufficient form. Minerals and vital substances also play an important role in quality gain . Adequate water supply is also essential for the quality gain . Accordingly, at least 1 liter of water should be supplied to the organism per day and per 20 kilograms of body weight. In addition, a high level of regeneration and stress avoidance must be ensured.

The individual athlete should allow himself at least 8 hours of restful sleep each day, or should avoid corresponding stress indicators in everyday life. A combination of high-intensity strength training units and regenerative endurance units that are healthy for the cardiovascular system are also recommended.

Food and food supplements for quality gain

Proteins in particular are the macronutrient of first choice for quality gain . These can be consumed either in the form of lean meat or fish, as well as in the form of low-fat dairy products or vegetable protein sources . Whey proteins , soy protein powder as well as glutamine and BCAA s are particularly suitable as dietary supplements to perfectly support the build-up of lean muscle mass after training. It is also helpful to take long-chain carbohydrates about 1.5 to 2 hours before each workout - for example in the form of oatmeal or instant oatmeal as a dietary supplement.

In order to optimize the supply of nutritional fats , the focus should be on first-class omega-3 fats , which can be ideally supplemented in the form of omega-3 fish oil capsules . Natural stimulants such as caffeine , taurine or green tea extract can also help you build lean muscle mass by, on the one hand, boosting fat burning and on the other hand increasing focus during the workout.