Calorie-free foods and dietary supplements - all options at a glance

Calorie-free foods or nutritional supplements offer a comprehensive taste experience, but no undesirable calorific value . For this reason, they are often used for sweetening or seasoning dishes, since they give the respective dish a flavor component without increasing the calorie value. Spices and artificial sweeteners therefore fall into this category of food or supplements. Below you can find, for example, the popular spices salt , pepper and paprika , nutmeg , saffron , cardamom , turmeric , star anise or cloves and other spices. In this context, sweeteners with no calorific value include stevia , xylitol or erythritol .

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Erythritol refill bag without zip closure Erythritol is a sugar alternative for your daily diet. Erythritol is ideal for all people who want to save calories when cooking but do not want to do without sweetness.
  • low-calorie sugar substitute, no additives
  • to be used like sugar
  • suitable for diabetics
  • corresponds to approx. 70% of the sweetness of table sugar
  • suitable for cooking and backet

• Chocolate flavored syrup
• fat & sugar free
• without lactose & gluten
• suitable for vegan diet
• ideal for conscious nutrition

The latter have a sweetening power far above the known sweetening power of sugar , but are completely free of calories. The absence of calories has clear advantages. In connection with the supply of, for example, sugar substitutes, there is no rise in the blood sugar level, which does not affect the body's fat burning. The use of various spices also has other advantages: These stimulate digestion to form enzymes , which optimizes them and can also work more effectively in combating dangerous germs.

The use of low-calorie foods or food supplements can significantly improve the taste of foods with a low calorific value. Although fat serves as an important flavor carrier in this context, any calorie-free foods and food supplements can also be useful here.

Use calorie-free spices and sweeteners as part of a diet and in everyday life

Especially in combination with a targeted weight loss , the use of calorie-free foods or nutritional supplements is recommended. Since calorie-dense foods should be avoided during a diet , but the corresponding dishes should nevertheless have a certain taste, spices and sugar substitutes can provide the individual dish with a completely taste-free taste experience.

For sweetening hot drinks such as tea or coffee , for example, calorie-free sweeteners such as stevia , xylitol or erythritol can be used. These have a much higher sweetness than conventional table sugar, but are completely free of calories. Food supplements in the form of calorie-free effervescent tablets with taste can also be used here (for example to dissolve them in still water). Another way to incorporate calorie-free foods and nutritional supplements into everyday life can be realized, for example, by using spices .

Pepper , cinnamon and turmeric not only stimulate digestion immediately, but also accelerate the overall fat metabolism , which is also desirable during a diet.