Pasta as the ideal muscle building meal - nutrient content and variants

The word pasta comes from Italian and means something like dough or pasta . As a result, the pasta, as it is known today, comes from Italian cuisine . Even before the pasta was developed into a dish in Italy, as is well known in Europe today, it was invented in China around 200 AD.

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  • Protein pizza with up to 48% protein
  • Improves muscle growth and recovery
  • Gluten free
  • Low carb (only 22%)

Basically almost the term pasta combines all pasta products made from durum wheat semolina , water and salt , which are available in different forms. Among them are the famous types of pasta such as spaghetti , macaroni or fusilli . In terms of macronutrient technology, pasta mainly consists of complex carbohydrates , which serve the human organism as an important source of energy.

Pasta also contains larger amounts of proteins that result from the high egg content of the food. Pasta is therefore ideal as a meal for recharging the body's glycogen stores before or after an intensive training session. Normally, pasta is supplemented with sauces as a side dish. Popular here are also containing meat and vegetables containing sauces such as mince and tomato sauce (Bolognese sauce), ham and cheese sauce (Carbonara) or wild mushroom sauce. In this way, the dish can be supplemented with the macronutrients protein and fat .

Due to its easy digestibility and rapid energy supply, pasta can be ideally used for sports. In addition to the regular pasta variations, there is also low-carb pasta , which has a lower carbohydrate content than conventional pasta made from flour. In this product and nutritional supplement variant, pea flour or vegetables are often used as the basis for pasta dough.

Use pasta for muscle building and during intensive endurance sports

Due to its comparatively high calorie density, pasta is primarily suitable in combination with high-intensity strength training and competitive endurance sports such as racing cycling , swimming or team sports . Here pasta can be used as an energetic meal before training , competition or team game .

Pasta is also ideal as an energy supplier for mentally demanding tasks . The sugar metabolized by the human brain is primarily fed from the carbohydrates supplied. Pasta as a carbohydrate-rich meal can be useful for quickly replenishing glycogen stores . The low-carb version of pasta is also a healthy and delicious meal and can also be used as a filling meal as part of a diet .

The reduced number of carbohydrates can be compensated for, for example, by the increased use of lean beef in the form of a homemade Bolognese sauce .