Digestion & detoxification

As common and unconscious as it takes place, our digestion is extremely important for the body and health. Without it, humans could not survive. However, this is not only about the absorption of important nutrients, but also about the excretion of unnecessary food residues. If these remain in the digestive system for several days, harmful gases and toxins are generated. Another death sentence for humans. In addition to eating, digestion also serves to detoxify the body. The following article explains which digestive organs play a crucial role and how detoxification works.

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Which digestive organs detoxify the body?

Numerous superfluous substances, sometimes even poisons, are absorbed through daily food. Of course, these should not get into the body circulation. So that this does not happen, the body has a natural detoxification function. This is done by the intestine, liver and kidneys. The harmful substances are filtered by the organs and excreted together with superfluous food residues (e.g. fiber). Water is usually used as a binder. Therefore, people should drink enough. Various waste products also arise during food utilization, which are later excreted via the intestine and kidneys.

What substances and poisons are excreted from the body?


  • urea
  • Drug residues
  • liquid
  • Minerals
  • Hormones
  • Dyes


  • Fermentation and putrefaction products
  • Digestive juices (e.g. bile acid)
  • Intestinal bacteria
  • non-absorbable food components (fiber)

The liver is also an organ of detoxification, but unlike the kidneys and intestines, it is not an excretory organ. They are also excreted in stool or urine.

Colon cleansing - support the natural detoxification function

The body has a natural detoxification function, we know that now. But how can the body be supported in this task? Here there is the possibility of intestinal rehabilitation. This is a type of therapy that has been practiced in the field of naturopathy for many years.

During an intestinal rehabilitation, the intestine is emptied step by step and thereby also cleaned of toxins and harmful bacteria. Then a healthy intestinal flora is rebuilt.

When is bowel cleanup necessary?

Colon cleansing makes sense especially at the beginning of a change in diet or after taking medication. In addition, it is also used to treat intestinal complaints. This can be abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation. All indicate an impaired bowel function, which should be treated in any case. Because only a healthy intestine can detoxify the body sufficiently.

Sufficient time should be allowed for intestinal rehabilitation. Positive effects only become visible after several days. A period of at least 14 days is generally mentioned. During this time, stress and other harmful factors should be avoided. In order not to be restricted in terms of performance, it is advisable to carry it out while on vacation. Regular implementation is also recommended.

How does a colon cleansing work?

Before a healthy intestinal flora can be built up, the intestine must be cleaned of all harmful bacteria and waste materials. This is done through a so-called "colon cleansing", with the help of laxatives or an enema. After the colon cleansing, harmful bacteria or fungi are eliminated. Various medications are taken for this.

Now the intestine is cleaned and a healthy intestinal flora is built up. Probiotic lactic acid bacteria are required for this. These support healthy intestinal bacteria to colonize and grow more. Lactic acid bacteria are often taken in tablets or powder. But there are also a variety of probiotic foods that also reinforce the effect (for example, yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut).

After the intestinal rehabilitation, a fasting cure is often carried out. Although this is supportive, it is not absolutely necessary.