Pre-workout: endurance enhancer

Endurance is defined as the ability of an athlete to exercise important muscle groups with maximum intensity over a longer period of time. In training he lays the foundation for serious progress with perseverance. For example, if you spend an hour on the treadmill for an hour instead of five minutes, or if you still do a few extra repetitions with the weights, you have trained endurance. There are some effective supplements available for targeted endurance training.

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The great advantages of trained endurance

Those with endurance have many advantages: Endurance athletes have well-functioning metabolic functions and minimized risks of heart and circulatory diseases. Endurance helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, aids in weight loss, and improves bones and muscle strength.
Diet, regeneration and training are the three pillars of muscle training. First and foremost, athletes with a high level of endurance are successful. For many, the question now arises of the best supplements.

Optimal endurance enhancers

• Creatine:
Among other things, creatine controls the supply of energy in the muscles. The naturally synthesized creatine is not enough - so supplementation is widely seen as indispensable. Creatine supports harder workouts by supporting muscle hypertrophy and training adjustment.
More lean muscle mass therefore results from intensive, sustained training capacity. Creatine provides excellent support.

Whey protein :
Muscle training generates fine muscle tears. Rapidly absorbable milk protein - the Whyprotein - stimulates protein synthesis and supports the muscles in the repair processes as well as in growth. If you consume too little protein, you run the risk of protein production from the existing muscles. Muscle wasting, illnesses and exercise intolerance can result.

Carbohydrates :
Whether pasta or bread: carbohydrates are great endurance boosters . The organism breaks them down into sugar, which goes into the blood, increases the hormone level and makes more energy available. Intense exercise requires the support of adequate amounts of carbohydrates. A combination of carbohydrates with caffeine makes it easier to replenish glycogen stores after exercise.

Caffeine :
Caffeine is a stimulant that suppresses feelings of fatigue. It is used in various dietary supplements. In high-quality pre-workout boosters, the stimulating effect of caffeine supports the results of athletic performance. It thus increases the possibilities of energy stress and targeted fat burning. It is known that caffeine can lead to undesirable overreactions if it is consumed in excessive doses.

Beta alanine :
The amino acid beta-alanine occurs in insufficient quantities in the body's own amino acid spectrum. It helps build carnosine, the acid buffer in muscles. Beta-alanine supplementation helps maintain the optimal pH level for longer, it also promotes maximum endurance and minimizes muscle soreness.

CLA and L-Carnitine :
Various physical loads influence the possibilities of using existing energy storage systems optimally. For example, marathon runners use food that is particularly rich in carbohydrates in order to be able to keep glycogen stores at an optimal level for a long time.

Premature breakdown and insufficient supply of carbohydrates can lead to the utilization of muscle mass and body fat in order to be able to continue to have energy. The attack on the muscle mass is of course undesirable - the recourse to deposited body fat remains. Carnitine is indispensable in these physical processes. If it is missing, the body cannot convert fat into energy. Muscle wasting can be the result.
CLA also supports the process of converting fat into energy. In addition, there are other advantages from supplementing with CLA, such as maintaining an individually optimal cholesterol level.