MCT-Oil C8 250g

MCT-Oil C8 250g


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Content: 250 grams (CHF7.96 * / 100 grams)
MCT oil C8 The C8 oil is a pure MCT oil and consists of 100% medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). It contains 99% caprylic acid and is therefore of higher quality than mixed oils from C8 & C10.
  • At least 99% caprylic acid (C8)
  • Neutral taste and smell
  • For smoothies, salad or bullet proof coffee

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MCT-Oil C8 250g

Pure C8 - MCT oil
The odorless and tasteless MCT oil C8 is a high-quality MCT oil made from at least 99% caprylic acid. MTC stands for medium-chain fatty acids, which are known to be metabolized particularly quickly by the body. This makes them real energy suppliers.
Where does MCT oil come from
MCT is found in tropical plants (coconut). Coconut oil consists of half MCT, it is extracted accordingly and separated from the other fatty acids. This results in triglycerides with a lower melting point, which is used in the following areas:

  • As a lifestyle drink such as Bullet Proof Coffee
  • In salad dressings
  • As a fat additive in smoothies and thus additional energy supplier
  • Caution: MCT oils are not suitable for frying


100 % MCT C8 Kokosöl
ingredients 100 g
energy value 3700kJ/ 900kcal
Fat < 100g
hereof: saturated fatty acids
< 100g
carbohydrates <0.1g
of which sugars
fiber <0.1g
protein <0.1g
Salt <0.1g