Casein - targeted muscle building

If you train specifically for more muscle growth, you avoid catabolic metabolic states with the supplementation of casein, as a result of the night's rest or on days when regular protein intake is not possible. Casein promotes muscle growth, regeneration and fat burning.

Casein: the best protein for building muscle

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• Micellar casein preparation (micellar casein)
• Protein with gradual release
• for night or day
• supports muscle growth & maintenance
• 2 spoons daily *

Protein portions of milk are called casein or casein if they do not get into the whey. Mostly they can be found in curd cheese and cheese. Denatured casein ensures the well-known consistency of cheese, curd cheese and yoghurt by clotting the proteins. At around 80 percent, casein is the largest protein part of cow's milk, whey proteins make up the remaining 20 percent. There are about 26 grams of casein in one liter of cow's milk. Both the slower absorption capacity and the high biological value of casein are solid arguments for the use of casein in muscle training. A distinction is made between a micellar casein and a calcium caseinate.

• Micellar casein
In order to obtain micellar casein, natural cow's milk is left in an unchanged composition. The milk is made up of 80 percent casein and 20 percent why protein. As a result, in addition to the slowly digestible casein, Micellar Casein also has 20 percent of the faster digestible Why protein.

Calcium caseinate
For the production of calcium caseinate, only the casein portion of natural cow's milk is processed. The Why shares are withdrawn. The pure casein is produced from milk using acid precipitation and then neutralized with calcium hydroxide. The production process is both more complex and more expensive, the end result is protein that is completely delayed available (" time released protein" ). In its undenatured form, the particularly high-quality protein is in no way inferior to milk.

This is how casein works

All of casein's natural amino acids support all of the organism's metabolic processes. It also provides energy for the maintenance and building of muscle cells.
Effective muscle growth goes hand in hand with intensive strength training, which leads to targeted damage and subsequent repair of the muscle cells. To do this, they are gradually strengthened to cope with new attacks. Amino acids are indispensable in this process - the slowly and steadily available casein is therefore particularly valuable.

Quickly digestible Why Protein is digested and recycled after two to three hours. Immediately after training, Why is the protein of choice. In contrast, the processing of casein only begins after about an hour and then works for up to eight hours. The advantage of casein is the constant time-delayed availability of important amino acids in the blood pool. Other protein supplements or foods cannot do that.

Why protein and casein: an unbeatable combination

It makes sense to use casein whenever protein shakes or protein-rich foods cannot be taken, such as before sleeping, during work or on a diet. An undersupply of protein, which is known to end in catabolic states, is prevented by using high-quality caseins.
While anti-catabolic whey protein is the supplement of choice immediately after training, casein is used before the night's sleep or simply in between. Overall, one expects a daily protein intake (including casein) of 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight.