Isolate protein powder as a dietary supplement - structure and mode of action

Isolates (also called whey isolates ) are proteins isolated from whey . In contrast to regular whey protein , Isolate has a protein content between 90 and 95 percent (comparison whey protein: 70 to 80 percent). Depending on its nature, Isolate also has the highest biological value . This is decisive for the extent to which the possible protein can be converted into the body's own protein (for example as part of muscle regeneration or to strengthen the immune system). In this regard, whey isolates consist of around 45 percent essential amino acids that have a value of at least 140 . Whey Isolate is therefore ideal for building muscle and for reducing weight , since the body's own muscle cells are protected by the whey isolate during the diet.

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• Whey isolate powder (hydrolyzed)
• increased absorption by the body
• suitable for people with lactose intolerance
• promotes muscle growth & recovery
• 2/3 spoons daily *

This is mainly due to the three BCAA s in the whey isolate : leucine , isoleucine and valine . Overall, these are best similar to the body's own muscle cells in terms of their nature and are the only amino acids that do not experience their metabolism via the liver, but go directly into the muscle cells and thus promote muscle growth and maintenance . The pure, particularly protein-rich whey isolate is subject to an elaborate manufacturing process, which is why it is usually more expensive than regular whey protein.

In addition to the best possible biological value, it is also lactose-free , which is why this protein is also ideal for users with lactose intolerance . It is available either in powder form or in the form of ready-made drinks . In order not to endanger the accelerated absorption of whey isolate by mixing with milk and thus milk fat , it is recommended to take whey isolate in combination with water.

Use isolates for muscle building and on a diet

The high biological value of the whey isolate and its high concentration of first-class proteins (primarily BCAA s) make them an ideal nutritional supplement for muscle building . Since isolates do not exist in pure form, this must be supplemented accordingly as part of a dietary supplement. If Whey Isolate is used for muscle building and muscle protection, it is recommended to take it before and after training.

If Whey Isolate is taken around 30 minutes before training , it can prevent catabolic metabolism and contribute to muscle protection as part of a diet. In this context, whey isolate is also perfect as a post-workout supplement . For example, this can be used 30 to 60 minutes after intensive workouts for fast and high-quality muscle regeneration.

Due to its positive properties on muscle metabolism, whey isolate can also be used as a meal replacement for weight loss - here it keeps you full for a long time and supplies the body with high-quality proteins that are either metabolized or directly excreted and do not end up as fat deposits on the body.