It is often said: "it is best to go into the shower with the protein shake immediately after training to achieve the best effect". That is absolute nonsense. From the moment the first training stimulus is given, the body is ready to process all the information from your shake and use it in a targeted manner until about three hours later.

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• Capsules with Ashwagandha & black pepper extract
• suitable for vegan diet
• anti-stress
• sleep and health promoting
• 1 capsule a day *

• MSM tablets
• helps against joint inflammation
• increases cartilage protection
• strengthens general fitness
• 3 capsules daily *

• OMEGA 3 fatty acid capsules
• highly concentrated fish oil
• supports heart, brain and visual functions
• 40% DHA and EPA
• 1 capsule with each meal (max. 3 daily) *


So: take "good" carbohydrates after training and increase the amount of protein in order to supply your muscles in a targeted way and to start your regeneration correctly. Do not drink any sweet drinks and be satisfied with your performance - because tomorrow is definitely coming!